PLEASE NOTE - This site is under construction as we finally decided to get serious about our web presence.  My husband is the webmaster with a very strange sense of humor so bear with us while we populate the site with real information.  Thank you! - Quiltlady


WOOLLY CRITTERS RANCH is your first destination for beautiful, all organic, goat friendly fiber products for you knitting, crosheing endevors and also anything else that you would want fiber for.  We have enough fiber and wool to last till Y3K and beyond so we can certainly meet your needs.  On our Western Montana ranch we raise:

  • Alpacas
  • Sheep (Marino, Black, White, etc)
  • Goats (Cashmere, Angora, Cashgora, Bad, etc)
  • Llamas (their biger than alpacas - that's all l know)

Woollycritters, LLG, is a woolly owned subsidiary of Whammo Goats Production which is something else entirely.  Actually the previous statement is not exactly accurate as we're not incorporated.  We do have some fine friends though who will vouch for us.



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